Status of John W. Prather, Jr.'s Vol III and Other Works - As of 19 June 2007

John has decided that because of health issues, he can no longer continue his work on the manuscript for Volume III.  He will be 91 this year.  As of 18 June 2007, he  is gathering his remaining manuscripts and data to send to the Special Collections section of the Maryland State Archives. He estimates that Volume III is about 60% complete.  The ID of the collection  follows below  and in the future will include all his work to date.  The "MSA" number is the key to identifying his works.  I haven't tried acquiring any of the information yet, so if someone learns more details about procedures and costs, please let me know so I can alert others.

In April of 2007 John decided to distribute this Volume I and II Addendum and asked me to help.  The Addendum is 40+ pages that identify selected paragraphs and lines in Volumes I & II for changes, deletions, and additions, so it only has meaning for those who have these volumes.  John wanted the information distributed in a form for electronic distribution to interested researchers.  Since he is not able to provide me with a computer file, this is done by scanning Johnís hardcopy pages using OCR (optical character recognition) to make editable and secure pages, creating and inserting an index, and making the document available as read-only.  The last thing we need is edited, home-brew versions wandering the internet.  I will post a link to the file, once I complete it.   


Maryland State Archives
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Prather Collection
MSA SC 5097

Collection Dates:

various dates

Collection Description:

Research notes relating to John W. Prather, Praters in Wiltshire 1480-1670 and Prater, Prather, Prator, Praytor in America 1620-1800.




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The web address is


If you are connected to the internet, you should be able to click on this link above and go to the Maryland State Archives to browse.

by H. Martin Prather, Jr