Submit Your Family Data

Make your updated and new data part of the database

Here's how it works:
Your family data can be added or revised and become part of the next-generation database.  
Gary B Prather is in the process of updating his data and database.  The goal is to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information to researchers on the Prather / Prater and peripheral families. submit new or updated information, WE NEED FAMILY GROUP SHEETS
Here is what to do:
To participate, you need to create Family Group Sheets.... here are some options for getting your data to us:
If you need a fill-in-the-blanks Family Group Sheet, click here, download, save, and complete.  Be sure to give each file a unique name so the data won't be overwritten, as you generate more sheets.  And be sure to list your sources!  A MS Word file is also acceptable.
ALSO, to add color to the reported life of your ancestors, please include any bios you may have.  That increases the chance of them being included in future publications.
NEXT, please attach them in an email and send them to Gary at  If you have a problem, contact us for troubleshooting help.  


We used to collect GEDCOM files, but they were too awkward to coordinate new and updated data. 


If there are any questions, please contact us!!!

*...including the surnames PRATER / PRATHER / PRAYTHER / PRATOR / PRAYTOR / PRAYTER

last updated: March 2014