In Memory of Roger Prater

November 15, 2010: died  in Wabash county, Indiana in a car crash

...a loving husband, brother, and friend...

A picture memorial:

...a husband of 27 years...


Always a positive attitude...

Larry Bradford, Roger & Jerry

Mahlon Woomer, Roger & Jerry




Stan Owens & Roger ~ 1972

Roger ~ 2000

Roger & Jerry

Roger & Jerry

Sonia Zaverucha & Roger




Today Roger felt the touch of

the Father's hand on his soul
as his name was called 
it is time 
my son
to come home
and from that gentle touch
Roger's spirit was filled
with peace as that 
band of Angels
escorted him home
to his heavenly reward
for with tomorrow's sunrise
comes a promise from
our Father in Heaven
that he will always be there
to comfort us
because it is whispered
in the heart and sent 
on the wind of love
wrapped in the gold trimmed
lace of God's forever

Author: Darrell Stephens



Jerry Prater's Bear Hunting Trip - Aug 2010




Jerry Prater and the outfitter Eddie Zaverucha

Jerry (-left-) and brother Roger

Roger Prater

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