Prater-Prather 12 x 18" Metal Signs


                                                             Design Compiled by H. Martin Prather, Jr.



By popular request, I composed and had made these lovely Prater and Prater Families heavy metal signs to celebrate our family. 

They are 12"x18" (1 ft x 1-1/2ft) with riveted holes in the corners for mounting. See the pic. They come with a plastic-wrap protective covering. Just remove the plastic protective covering and mount.

I had 2 versions made for the PRATER kin and also one for those whose surname changed to PRATHER, PRAYTHER, etc. So the choices are the PRATER or the PRATER-PRATHER sign (the latter shows other spelling at the bottom). 

And Christmas is coming...hint-hint!

What You Get....pick one or the other...PRATER (on the left) or PRATER/PRATHER (on the right):

Price: - $22  US + Shipping of $10 by Priority Mail for ONE SIGN.  You pick PRATER (on the left) or PRATER/PRATHER (on the right).

Part of the proceeds from these signs will be used to pay the costs of maintaining this genealogy site.

SHIPPING: One sign weighs about 1lb, 13oz.  Shipping is PRIORITY MAIL, so add $10 for US shipping = $32 total  Order more than one and I will combine shipping to cut the total shipping cost.  Email me for a total if you want more than one sign, specifying which ones. 

NON US??? Please contact me at for payment and delivery arrangements to non-US locations and foreign currency.  I will give you an estimate of added postage.  

ORDER: BY SENDING A CHECK  OR MONEY ORDER for $32 or use PAYPAL, as indicated below-

Paying through the mail: Send your payment to the address below.

If you prefer to make a PayPal payment, email me with your order to and I will send a Money Request to your specified email address.

We reserve the right to limit quantities!

Signs are recommended for INDOOR use only.  See footnote.

Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.

If you send me your email address with your payment I will forward tracking information for the shipment.

Make payable in US dollars drawn on a US bank to H M PRATHER.  mail to      

H. Martin Prather, Jr.

Footnote: Like any fine prints and art work, signs may fade over time in direct sun.   However, for mounting outside you may wish to consider UV protection options, such as spray coating or pexiglass covering. 


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last updated: January 2013