"Prater/Prather Families- Their Lives and Times*"

40 Years of Gary's Research Notes Now Available - 690+ PAGES!!!

                                                             by Gary Benton Prather


Now you can supplement your family research with Gary's first formal book containing research notes on thousands of members of our family.  Gary's notes collection will make a great complement to your library collection!  He has spent over 40 years collecting these data and now offered in a 2 volume set of over 690 pages covering some 4,050 family members.  Throughout these notes you will find the lives and times of our ancestors described, sometimes in great detail!  In the notes, arranged alphabetically by surname, are wills, deeds, marriage records, and other family data, so you can find your ancestor's history easily.

This book is NOT a list of family trees that you might find in many other publications.  But lists specific events and circumstances for these family members in alphabetical order by surname.  The book has an Introduction by Gary, a Coat of Arms picture and definition, and hundreds of pages like the samples below, + an Index.  See the Index link below to do a search by surname.

You can view the index from the link below.  There are ~8 pages of PRATER and ~12 pages of PRATHER family, plus many other surnames in the 32 page double-column index.

Every Prater/Prather family researcher should consider having a copy in their library!

What You Get:


Book Features:

Price: - $69 price, which includes BOTH volumes.

Part of the proceeds from this publication will be used to pay the costs of maintaining this genealogy site.

Book Contents:

Click the thumbnail pics below to view some samples of what's in the book:

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Thomas Prather received letters from George Washington
Captain James H Prather dies in 1868 as the side-wheeler 

Magnolia explodes on the Ohio River

Basil Prather was in command of one of the first 

Army Ranger companies formed by Congress


VIEW THE INDEX: How many times have you bought a book to find perhaps only 1 entry that was of any value?  Here you get a look at the 31 page index to see if your persons-of-interest are included. Click HERE (use the BACK button to return here)

SHIPPING: The books weigh about 2-1/2 lbs !  There are 2 shipping options for the US:

1) MEDIA MAIL, add $4.  This method usually takes 7-10 days to arrive in the continental US.

2) PRIORITY MAIL, add $13.  This usually takes 3 days.

NON US??? Please contact me at martin@prather.net for payment and delivery arrangements to non-US locations and foreign currency.  I will give you an estimate of added postage.  For example, postage to the UK is $22US, so you would pay $91 total for First Class Mail Iternational.  Sorry there isn't a cheaper way.

ORDER: BY SENDING A CHECK  OR MONEY ORDER for $73 (for MEDIA MAIL shipping) or $82 (for PRIORITY MAIL shipping), or use PAYPAL, as indicated below-

Gary has asked me, your humble fellow researcher and web site creator :-), to coordinate the order processing, production, and distribution of his book.

Paying through the mail: Send your payment to the address below.

If you prefer to make a PayPal payment, email me with your order to martin@prather.net and I will send an invoice to your specified email addressPlease mention your desired shipping method.

Feel free to contact Gary at gbprather@aol.com if you have additional questions.

If you send me your email address with your payment I will forward tracking information for the shipment.

Make payable in US dollars drawn on a US bank to H M PRATHER.  mail to      

This is the only legally authorized print version of Gary's book "Prater/Prather Families- Their Lives and Times".
H. Martin Prather, Jr.


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