By H Martin Prather, Jr, Aaron’s 7th great grandson,   28 Apr 2014

This is the Aaron (Aron) “Sr” stated in some literature and on the internet to have been born about 1710 and d. 27 Nov 1797.  And yet a Prather Family Cemetery report[i], page 3, says, without references (1700-1777) for birth-death years.  So his birth and death dates are yet another study to be accomplished.

On the search for the middle or nickname:

1) From “Marriage Records of People Named Prather, Prater, Prator, Praytor” by Cartlidge[ii], Aaron Sr is listed as follows:

Page 1-

Aaron Prather [Thos.] & Jane Prather [Jonathan] m. 10-10-1738, A. A., Md.; 130[iii];

131 (name shown as Allen); 206[iv]

Reference 206 in Cartlidge’s book says “name shown as Allen”.

2) From the “Marriage Index: Maryland…. 1624-1915”, by Hunting for Bears published on Family Tree Maker CD[v] shows the following marriage from the county court house in A A CO, Md:

This shows the same dates stated in Ref iii.

3)  "Maryland Marriages 1634-1777", by Robert Barnes, 1975/1987, page 142, says "Prather, Allen, 10 Oct 1738, Jane Prather  ref  9 AA-246"[vi]

This also shows the same dates stated in Ref iii and substantiates the reference to “Allen” as marrying Jane on 10 Oct 1738 in both references above.  

The assumption, pending additional evidence, is that Aaron submitted his name as Allen when he and Jane were married.  Or the recorder misunderstood Aaron for Allen. Allen was perhaps his middle name or nickname.  It is common for same-name generations to be called by nicknames or middle names to distinguish themselves from parents and children.  As the genealogist Kathy Patterson points out, middle names were not common during that time period.  In that era usually only “upper class” citizens had middle names.  Perhaps he was disguising his identity, considering he married his cousin.  Or perhaps the writing of his name was sloppy and misinterpreted.  All we can go on is the evedence provided here, except as ammended.  One benefit of a middle or nickname is it helps distinguish this Aaron Prather from the other Aaron's from other more distant parents.

From the documentation shown above, this researcher has concluded Aaron (Sr)’s middle name or nick name is Allen.     Hence, Aaron “Allen” Prather

Since there are 2 succeeding generations of Aaron’s (Aaron II and Aaron III), it is assumed the son and grandson also has Allen for an added name.

Glossary of abbreviations-

A. A. Co., Md = Anne Arundel County, Maryland

MHS= Maryland Historical Society

Par. = Parish

[Thomas] = His father is Thomas Prather

[Jonathan] = Her father is Jonathan Prather

[i] Click here

[ii] See

[iii] Marriage Recs, of Maryland - MHS (microfilm)….., page 131

[iv] Licenses Issued by Govs. Ogle & Sharp to All Hallows Par., A. A. Co., Md.,

For the Years 1738 to 1768 - MHS


[v] Family Tree Maker, CD#4, V004_01V2  

[vi] List of marriage licenses issued by Govs. Ogle & Sharpe to All Hallows Parish, 1738-1768; A. A. Co, Md., found in Leisenring, at MHS, page 246

To view the Will interpretation by Nancy and Carolyn, please click HERE.  Requires the free download of Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view.



Prepared by John W. Prather, Jr. -- 26 February 1997

As I was organizing information to write the manuscripts for the books I am publishing on the Prater/Prather family genealogy and history, I developed a system. The system was to put everything I knew about a family member on paper in an order by time, place, etc. As I did I ran into errors that were repeated without document to prove the statements made. Also I encountered problems that needed study seeking a solution. Eventually I decided to title these papers Studies and use them seeking help from others to try and eliminate the reuse of inaccurate information and hoping I might receive information that would help solve problems. I mailed copies of these Studies to many persons with whom I corresponded and was pleased with the replies I received.

I now believe that with the help of H. Martin Prather of Seattle, WA these Studies should be put on the Web Page that he is creating. There they may be seen by many who are researching the family. It may be of help to them and they may wish to contribute information they have which will increase everyone's knowledge of the family.

Three of these Studies are included herein and their titles are given below.

STUDIES (select from those below)

STUDY SEEKING TO DETERMINE WHEN AND WHERE JOHN PRATHER b. ca. 1721 IN MARYLAND -- son of WILLIAM PRATHER, JR. b. 8 March 1700 IN PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, MARYLAND -- DIED., by John W. Prather, Jr., 600 Carolina Village Road #196, Hendersonville, NC 28792-2825. (3 pages)

STUDY OF THE WILL OF GEORGE GOULDSMITH, WRITTEN 1_ DAY OF APRIL 1666 and PROVED JULY 20th 1666., by John W. Prather, Jr., 600 Carolina Village Road #196, Hendersonville, NC 28792-2825. (6 pages)

STUDY TO SEEK THE PARENTS OF THOMAS PRATHER, b. 26 MARCH 1756 in PRlNCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, MD. and d. 12 AUGUST 1841 in JACKSON, COUNTY, IN., by John W. Prather, Jr., 600 Carolina Village Road #196, Hendersonville, NC 28792-2825. (13 pages)

BOOKS PUBLISHED(<-click here)

PRATERS IN WILTSHIRE, 1480-1670, VOLUME I, by John W. Prather, Jr., 600 Carolina Village Road #196, Hendersonville, NC 28792-2825.

PRATER, PRATHER, PRATOR, PRAYTOR IN AMERICA, 1620-1800, VOLUME II., by John W. Prather, Jr., 600 Carolina Village Road #196, Hendersonville, NC 28792-2825.

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